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At Prestige Skills we plan to reduce carbon emissions for homes across the UK as quickly and efficiently as possible, using a range of energy-saving technologies. This is important to us as UK households are responsible for 20% of the country’s carbon emissions and it is critical that this is reduced to tackle climate change.

Whilst there are a range of different solutions to decarbonise our homes, all of which will play a role in the process, ending the use of natural gas in heating will be a key factor. A promising solution to this is hydrogen ready boilers. This is supported by the Government’s Hydrogen Strategy that outlines plans to increase the production and use of hydrogen across the UK. As the incentive to produce hydrogen at scale increases, hydrogen boilers can start to burn hydrogen and gradually replace natural gas. This has been identified to be the most affordable and least disruptive solution for more than 75% of UK households.

At Prestige Skills we are committed to helping everyone transition to a low-carbon future, meaning nobody will be left behind due to the cost or having poorly insulated homes. This will only be helped by major UK boiler manufacturers promising that hydrogen-ready boilers will not cost more than natural gas equivalents. Other obstacles to the adoption of hydrogen in the home are the safety and the ability of the current system to be adapted to run on hydrogen, however, we know it can be done. Before the UK ran on natural gas ‘Town Gas’ was used which consisted mostly of hydrogen.

Moving forwards towards a net-zero future is important and it is critical that we embrace technologies that best suit the needs of customers and houses across the UK. Together we can create a more environmentally friendly, sustainable future that better supports the planet and each other.