Water Leak Repair


    Plumbing & Heating Services


    We provide assistance tackling all plumbing problems, water leaks, burst pipes, radiators and bathroom leaks. If you have a problem that requires our attention contact Prestige Skills on 0151 431 0333. We can attend your property to assist with these issues.


    Guidance if you need to turn off the water supply in an emergency

    • Turn off the water supply, it should be located where the water supply enters the property e.g. cupboard, under the kitchen sink or downstairs toilet.
    • Turn taps on, the water should start to slow down to a stop. You have just drained the system down.


    Water leaks inside your home can cause damage and if you have a meter costs money.


    If your vacant property is left for a short or long period of time there are various security measures recommended to reduce theft, arson, squatters and other unauthorised situations.

    Reduce the risk of property damage, don’t underestimate the effects of water damage from burst pipes to damage via theft. Prestige skills drain down and reinstatement service includes the drain down of all water systems, switching off the gas and electric services.


    If you have any issues or would simply like advice call Prestige skills on 0151 431 0333, we can assist and repair.