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We can design and deliver a utility plan that covers your gas and water needs. Prestige Skills will work alongside you to ensure your project runs smoothly, is completed on time, and within budget.


It is through Prestige Skills’ vast experience of working within the gas and utility sector and interacting with its customers that we understand, more than others, the demands and pressures developers are under and that is why at Prestige Skills we will not over promise and under deliver. We will set the correct expectation from the outset and deliver that promise in a professional, efficient, and courteous manner which will ultimately result in customer retention.


At Prestige Skills, we can offer the complete package and are accredited under the Lloyd Register Scheme and hold accreditations for Gas (GIRS) and Water (WIRS). We have the capabilities to plan, design, project manage and connect, with your budget in mind.


Diverting existing utilities is a specialist activity in which Prestige Skills have developed an excellent reputation. In order to provide a developer with the highest level of service, a diligent approach is necessary to deliver the project on time and meeting the client’s needs at hand.


The disconnection of gas and water supplies can be crucial for developers to complete projects on time. Prestige Skills provide disconnections from single residential, commercial properties to multi-unit industrial and commercial estates.