Telecommunications and Signalling (T&S)


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    Telecommunications and Signalling (T&S)

    PRC provide a full labour suite covering all aspects of Telecommunications and Signalling to the rail industry. Our expert division are highly experienced and have specific industry knowledge which assists them in building bespoke specialised/specific teams or individuals to work across these two intertwining sectors.


    Telecommunications and Signalling (T&S) Summary


    PRC have experience and a strong reputation of providing quality, highly skilled and experienced workers to the switches, signalling, crossing, track build, renewal and maintenance sectors, including fault finding. This comprises of all managerial and supervisory roles, installation and signalling engineers and all other associated, leadership and supportive positions.


    PRC’s impressive candidate database and access to diverse talent pools sets us apart from our rivals as our geometric marketing approach and reach outpaces our competitors, ensuring we source the premium talent available prior to our competitors. Our T&S team regularly provides to our prestigious partners fully qualified, skilled and high-quality workers, with necessary equipment and tools, that meet all regulatory and compliance requirements and work to all safety critical standards.


    Our centre for excellence and commitment to candidate development provides an array of e-learning and soft skills opportunities to assist our workers to upskill and update any training needs if required. This not only supports us to meet our clients’ needs, but empowers people, fosters engagement, positive employability behaviours and attitudes and is one the core functions which underpins our social impact value and Corporate and Social Responsibilities.


    Our suite of contracts and packages provides a range of excellent cost effective and efficient customer and service delivery, ensuring our talent pools remain engaged, motivated, committed, reliable and ready to deploy at short or planned notice, to help meet our clients safety, business and performance objectives.


    Telecommunications and Signalling


    PRC’s T&S service include but are not exhaustive:
    • All relevant MOD, SIG, SMTH and CRE appointments
    • All supervisory and managerial Installation roles.