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    Construction Services


    Prestige Rail and Construction (PRC) place quality, sustainability and zero harm at the heart of our business approaches and practice; being a principal vendor of universal rail, construction and M&E services, we provide an impressive range of turnkey, bespoke labour and facilities management solutions to our impressive partner portfolio, spanning the whole rail spectrum, construction and M&E sectors.


    PRC’s well-established and innovate recruitment model, capabilities and reputation continuously ensures that our workers meet all relevant safety and regulatory standards and competencies, including work to Sentinel compliance. Our rail, construction and M&E divisions have a proven track record of providing high quality, experienced and skilled teams and individuals to meet our client need. Also, we are proud of our ability to forge and maintain long standing positive strategic working relationships with all our clients and stakeholders.


    Our highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable divisions, including our technical and management teams, oversee and manage PRC’s full labour suite and services, from a Managed Service Provider perspective, enhancing and streamlining our performance and processes. With equality, diversity, inclusion and opportunity being central to everything we do, we are recognised as a partner and employer of choice.


    PRC consistently provides a reliable and compliant workforce, our teams and training consultants have developed www.prestigeskilltraining.com providing a base for our Internal and external workforce to undertake e-learning, soft-skills and awareness courses.


    Our recruitment team continue to refine our processes, utilising our robust and innovative recruitment model, CRM (candidate database), our newly developed and exciting CV platform (www.pscv.co.uk). This also assists us to access an array of talent pools that our competitors cannot, giving us market and competitive advantage.


    Whatever your rail, construction or M&E requirements, you can constantly rely on Prestige Rail and Construction to deliver and meet your need, as our ongoing and well-established reputation and prestigious client portfolio are testament to our success.