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Policy meter exchange is required as meter asset ages, meaning they are more at risk of failure and will eventually reach the end of life. To maintain consistently high levels of efficiency, it is essential that these meter assets are updated.


As part of the maintenance obligation for the companies who own the meter, as your meter approaches 20 years old, your supplier or whoever owns the meter may contact you to replace them in order to ensure high levels of efficiency at no cost to the occupier.

Why Choose Prestige Skills Ltd?

What we provide, is the knowledge and expertise of our expert management team and engineers to our proactive resourcing consultants, planning, scheduling and dispatch department. We continually aim to identify, progressive and practicable solutions, delivering a seamless meter installation. Our team will be able to provide energy-saving advice.


At Prestige Skills, we have experienced engineers providing a support service that regularly replace outdated meters with new efficient meters across multiple locations, across domestic and commercial properties. We aim to create minimal disruption to your home or workplace; our customer experience is paramount with all our services.