Preparing For Winter


Following a few simple tricks can make a big difference to heating your home efficiently. See what you can do to keep your home cosy this winter:


Foil Insulation

A simple piece of foil insulation placed behind your radiators reflects heat back into your home. It can help your heating system to warm your home faster and keep the heat inside for longer reducing the amount of time the heating needs to be active.

Exposed Pipe Insulation

This foam insulation stops heat from being lost from exposed pipes in your home. This can make your heating system more efficient, and save you money. You can find this type of insulation at most DIY stores, and it’s possible to install yourself. All that you have to do is cut it to the length you need and slot it around the pipes.

Closing The Curtains

Lots of heat can escape from your home through the windows. Closing the curtains in the evening and whilst you’re not in the house helps to keep the heat inside. You can even buy thermal curtain liners which will do an even better job at keeping heat inside.


Insulating Tape

Patching up drafts around windows and doors can make a huge different to the temperature inside your home. One way to seal drafts is to use insulating tape on areas around windows and doors, it is self adhesive and easy to install.

Cover Bare Floors

Wooden and tiled floors can be cold to the touch, and gaps between wooden floorboards can let in cold draughts. Putting a rug down can keep your floor feeling warm and block draughts keeping your home warmer and saving you money.


Boiler Servicing

It’s important that you look after your boiler, and an annual check helps ensure it is working as safely and efficiently as possible. If you’re a Prestige Skills customer we will contact you when your boiler is due a service. If you would like your boiler serviced why not give us call 0151 431 0333.

Find Your Ideal Temperature

Most people set their thermostats to between 18°C and 21°C. If you have it set higher, and your house feels too hot, you could save money by turning it down a couple of degrees until your homes is a comfortable temperature.